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Art Collectors Club Membership Benefits

Become a collector. Enjoy the community & first class services.

For Juliette Cove's original artwork owners.

Discover exclusive services and benefits most galleries miss with inclusion in the Art Collectors Club after acquiring an original artwork.

Watch the introductory video to learn about the inspiration for this club's formation.

Video Transcript:

Since my first time working in a museum, I was inspired by the story of Peggy Guggenheim and always enjoyed the fantasy of having a magnificent, vast art collection to share with the public. When it first seemed possible in my mind to begin acquiring art, I started like a newbie with good taste, full of mistake and victory.

I did not always separate my ability to identify with an artwork from acquiring art to support my most correct purpose. I did not know how to approach resell, nor did I have someone to advocate my collection’s value. I walked away from a piece outside of my budget that I would have traded four paintings outgrown to have, and someone did later show me how it could be possible even without an early cash out. The truth is I felt through with some the galleries and flat with some artists. Sure, many want you to buy the art, but by no means was I getting the correct guidance nor did many consider their patrons once the cash hit their pockets.

And, the truth also is I love art, what it does, people who make it, and those brave enough to collect it and make it work. My art collector’s club was created to help you care for the pieces of me you hold. When you collect my original artworks you get the benefit of having a consultant, a collection manager, a gallery, and a commissioned artist with your happiness and investment in mind. Correctly assisting you from the time an artwork’s presence inspires you and throughout its transition from your ownership is a responsibility I keep. Most galleries and artists don’t do this. 

I want to hear from you, as collectors. There are a many benefits of this Art Collectors Club I have thought through. A lot of what I learn comes from experience, but just as much comes from conversing with people who inspire me to make their collecting experience fantastic. -Are you interested? I hope so. It means you will probably collect art or do so already.

You may know well the defeating feeling of walking into a gallery to find the artwork painstakingly rationalized as the one you’re buying today already donning a mark indicating it’s sold. You can take next best choice. You can wrestle the other patron to the ground, which I do not recommend. Or, you can leave empty handed and possibly too full of reception wine. I was one who appeared in galleries before collector previews while the display was still in setup to avoid red dot disappointment. Acquiring art should never be lackluster. 

There is a great victory in getting first pick. Even then, a decision may push quick. A dot-slinging frenzy is not the state of mind I want you in when purchasing my artwork. I would rather see you certain and enjoy art collecting without buyers remorse.

To help free you from this, my Art Collectors Club members get exclusive communications about private collection works in progress while they are in progress.  You will have my warm welcome to visit the studio during non-event hours to see it all and socialize. I can even offer a live video tour if you are not available to visit in person. You SHOULD NOT have to make a pressured decision and I welcome your request to the discuss the art in progress and its position in my collection well in advance. I can guide you to a choice you won’t regret, and with the least amount of discomfort. 

You have the option to make offers, place bids, or place a deposit on an artwork before its completion is announced if an early acquisition is for you. In some cases, I will even allow a collector to sort of hijack a work-in-progress into a commission if the concept introduced appropriately parallels the vision. I can slightly be bribed if it makes you happy. If you do choose early acquisition, I can include you as the sponsor when writing about the art. Sponsor publicity is of benefit to owners who are interested in attracting offers from other art collectors or who want to begin a contact list of prospective art traders. 

I want you to fully enjoy the benefits of early access and help you build your ideal art collection whether you prefer a commission or one of my private collection artworks. Please do let me know what would help make this even better for you.

If you are not sure of the terminology, my private collection works come from my own truths, perceptions, ideas, delights, and thoughts. Each one has its own story and approach to its creation. If you are familiar with my commissioned works, you know how much I enjoy a good story and how I like to inspire others with the placement of art. Private collection artworks are created for no specific owner and will be available for sale through my studio when I am ready to part with them or when I find the right buyer.

For any asset, the more you understand its worth the better. As an original artwork owner, you will receive a folder to keep all related documents organized, including my embossed artist-provided authenticity certificate. Unlike other art acquisitions you may have experienced, I will send updates over time to your mailing address throughout ownership of the artwork as part of my effort to help you further establish its value. This is particularly useful for those who suspect they will auction, resell, or donate.

In my experience collecting, I have found the better authenticity packages to contain both a certificate and information assisting me, an auctioneer, or anyone representing the collection to publicly speak about the art and the artist. One of my goals is to help you represent your collection as best possible. After all, I have worked with a museum.

Expect to get copies of articles published about the artwork, including any artists interviews that mention or have relation to the piece you own. After creating a piece, I generally tell a story about the art either before or after it is sold. If the artwork’s image gains recognition for any juried exhibition I enter , you will get a copy of the certificate or notification letter. If you decide to lend my art to a public exhibition, which I do so encourage,  I recommend keeping brochures featuring the art and the documents you signed regarding the details of lending.

Because I take time to understand my patrons, both on a personal level and during consultation before an art acquisition, I know you are acquiring art to enjoy for a long time. However, there may come a moment when you find yourself open to reselling or trading. 

Perhaps I create an artwork you prefer more than one you already have, and your space is limited. Maybe you move into a new home and would like to commission an artwork in commemoration. It could be you collected a piece that resonated so strongly with you it contributed to a manifested desire, and you now want a commissioned artwork to address the result specifically. Those are such magical pieces, and hold even greater stories. Or perhaps you find the artwork you own is desired by other collectors offering an attractive return on investment.

Being I have contact with people interested in my art, I can help you reach collectors who may trade or purchase from you. If someone expresses interest in a sold work, I retain that information to help my collectors find an audience at the time of resell. I have a relative who acquired a house that was once in our family long before his time by meeting the current owner to communicate why he wanted it and how to contact him if she resold the property, and he owns the house today. This approach does work, and it is much easier and less time consuming to resell art if you already know who might be the next buyer.

Art will increase with an annual return of 6 to 10 percent with normal activity around it, meaning it is acquired and preserved. It will never decrease, and if you are reselling art for less than you paid for it then you are doing it completely wrong. However, if you get timing right and approach it with a little strategy you can find better than a basic annual return.

By no means do you need to resell. My great grandmother bought a beautiful new burgundy and cream 1957  Chevy in 1957. She drove it to transport groceries a couple times a week and kept the car in mint condition in a covered garage. Classic car collectors contacted her throughout the years offering phenominal amounts of money. But my granny delighted in her car so much, she kept it and left it to family when she passed. A lady loaded with character, it is no wonder she said she felt like sweet-sixteen throughout the full of her 90s. 

There is no need to sell a good thing, though it is still nice to be aware of what opportunity surrounds you and this Art Collectors Club can help. If my art becomes your equivalent to the 57 Chevy, then I am thrilled for you and your family and I know I have done something very special. I hope someone tells a story about you just as I shared of my great grandmother. That’s legacy!

Even if you don’t resell, I give you an opportunity to share the love or regain some cash. When you own an original artwork, whether  you commissioned it or acquired one of my private collection pieces, I offer the perk of reseller pricing on available limited edition prints. So if you have a guest or family member who adores the painting you bought, you are most welcome to request I extend the perk on your behalf.

Be creative with this if you wish. You can sell prints to help raise funds for a non-profit organization or even to make money back to recover cost of acquiring the original. Yeah, it’s possible. In some cases you can even be a part of determining the needs of an edition. As the original art owner, your request to reserve prints is always placed first.

Art owners may also request the art image printed on fine note cards and invitations, which is particularly nice if you commissioned a piece around a wedding, other significant event, or want an announcement made for an acquisition celebration. My background also includes graphic design so I can help you prepare the presentation and manage production for this.

If you have attended events specifically for art collectors, everyone is pretty excited about gathering in the same room. Right? It’s quite different from any public opening reception. I want the owners of my artworks to be able to socialize with one another as desired. As I mentioned, I learn a lot when speaking with other collectors and encourage you to do so also.

To make finding one another easier, I host Art Collectors Club exclusive receptions, outings, and an occassional special event. There is also a private group in the works where you can socialize with one another easily online. But most important, I want this collectors club to be fun and so exciting that Peggy Guggneheim would appreciate it. 

If I can gather enough collectors willing to exhibit works from a variety of artists, I would love to help organize and curate to-dos for both the entertainment and inspiration of the guests, and to help you gain some recognition for the effort of collecting. 

I am all in for events like this. Seriously! In 2016 I experienced challenging symptoms after getting the flu that left me without use of my hands and feet for months. I could not hold a glass, walk, or even pull the tab closure open on a box of crackers. The first thing I did when I could walk across the room was ask my mother who flew from New Orleans to San Francisco to care for me was to drive me to a community arts organization talk.

That night I signed up as volunteer coordinator for a large arts benefit auction. Though I could not stand longer than 5 minutes I volunteered for every opportunity possible that allowed enough sitting as I healed. I was not physically qualified to do anything I did, and I received a “Get Up, Get Down Award” for putting a foot forward in my community. Being a part of such art events meant everything to me. So, absolutely, if I can gather enough member participation to host a collections exhibition, it will happen. 

Are you interested? I hope so. Are you excited? If so, we should certainly know one another. There is a form on my website where you can send a message, or you may call or drop me an email if you would like to converse or share insight for this collectors club. 

What would it be worth to have help in making correct choices for your collection as needed, to remove the stress of split decisions while still allowing you the opportunity of first pick, to take some of the effort to help build an archive of credibility and increase value of your investment, to help you find leads to resell if you choose, and to spark a community that brings like minds together with opportunity to inspire the public with art? There are plenty of  delightful details I have yet to cover, and I want to hear your thoughts, your needs, and your wants. If you are ready, lets certainly talk about whether a commissioned artwork or a private collection piece is the best way for you to get started.

There will be no lackluster moments and no mistakes. I won’t allow it. … And, happy collecting.

Request a telephone discussion or schedule a studio visit.

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Juliette Cove

Juliette Cove

Artist & Designer

based in San Francisco, CA

Art Collectors Club Member Benefits

  1. Build up the authenticity folder for art you acquire with any future updates mailed to your address.
  2. Get exclusive work-in-progress information on private collection artworks before the first art story is published.
  3. Place bids, make offers, or make a deposit on artwork before it's completion is announced to the public.
  4. Refresh your collection by listing your acquisitions in a status of reviewing offers or bids under the Collectors Club Resell Program.
  5. Socialize and discuss art or interests with others belonging to this members-only group.
  6. Get trade pricing on prints for the artworks you own, normally available only to resale partners.
  7. Get artist-direct advice on managing value of the piece you acquired.

Membership Levels

Associate Memberships

Included with the acquisition of original artwork, collectors enjoy years of membership benefits. The total value of your original art purchases can advance you into a collectors circle.

Collectors Circles

Lifetime membership and many exclusive perks for the high-profile collector who wants to invest, license, or sponsor.

Guest Memberships

Try the club for 6-months or 1-year. A superb deal for anyone! This includes a discount certificate equal to the membership to use on original art OR prints. Enjoy all the benefits now! (Limited Time Offers)

Discover exclusive services and benefits most galleries miss with inclusion in the Art Collectors Club after acquiring an original artwork.

My Background

Juliette Cove is an award winning American contemporary artist who creates from her own inspiration and for V.I.P. patrons requesting commissioned art. “My art functions to inspire the value of love, relationships, community, peacefulness, and joys in life. I want to encourage viewers to resonate and incline toward what brings happiness and fulfillment. If I can give someone a beacon of positivity and love to brighten up their world, this is my way.” She is most known for unusual abstract works that come from meditation and her paintings symbolizing romance and love.

Born September 7th 1972 in New Orleans, Juliette began painting and drawing in her childhood years, grew to explore abstract art in her twenties, and studied painting and illustration with a variety of institutions. These include University of New Orleans, School of Visual Arts in New York, and California College of the Arts in San Francisco. She also briefly studied interior design with Delgado Community College of New Orleans and held a place on the dean’s list. Juliette has volunteered with the Guggenheim Museum in New York and with ArtSpan in San Francisco as an avid supporter of arts in community.

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