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Juliette Cove

Juliette Cove

Artist & Designer

based in San Francisco, CA

Benefits Of Working With Me Directly

  1. Reveal a greater understanding of your patron's values and story through the commissioned art consultation.
  2. Be remembered and mentioned by your patron as the liaison for an artwork in their permanent collection. 

    Video Transcript

    We both want to help out patrons get something they really want from us.

    The big question for interior designers sourcing art is what will have value for someone and why, and the answer will impact longevity.

    To understand through experience, I embarked on a personal collecting adventure I called  “The 12 of 2012”.

    It had an overall budget and a simple requirement to gain 12 artworks before the new year. 

    Monthly I attended  opening receptions and conversed with patrons and gallery visitors who either appreciated or bought the artwork.

    I asked people what they liked most and why, what was their reason for attending,

    if they were thinking about a purchase, and, if there was no financial concern what art would they want to collect.

    For less distraction, I scheduled studio and gallery visits during non-event hours

    To take a closer look into the  works and to see how these conversations changed.

    I researched articles on collecting to gain perspective on intent, and to learn what happened after the acquisition during both the immediate take-home months and over time.

    I also discovered that I become very emotional  when taking home art on days that I did not expect to get it.

    And, that In my own collection, the budget was nowhere equally weighted as I intended.

    One artist generously presented a gift made specially for me  as a gratitude for being an active supporter of arts in my community.

    With my 12 now on display, I began to look further into my choices, And gave awareness to the constraint of a due date upon a collection.

    I then attempted a theoretical reverse journey.

    What if I had to start removing art piece by piece?

    What reasons would crawl into my difficult choices?

    I narrowed half the collection, with less and less ease to find its core, then reluctantly removed the remaining pieces until there were none.

    This reverse journey, I found to be more significant than collecting because it became a truth conversation that not one person in a gallery or artist I met held with me.

    Aware of reasons behind my choices in filtering, I considered for what I would exchange each artwork if I could have another piece by the same artist.

    What would truly meet timeless value?

    In nearly every case I found that I would Trade for a commission instead, and one specific artist would get the request to paint my beloved chihuahuas within their own unique vision.

    Personal meaning absolutely determined my keepers. …

    The gift made for me,  it stuck even though  I didn’t request it’s creation - there was this lovely significance to it

    And the piece became the beginning of a story to share with guests visiting my studio.

    In this case, I would want an additional work from that artist.

    Knowing how to source art for someone’s core collection involves them Understanding and communicating in a genuinely purposeful mode and you understanding them.

    That which sticks will be remembered and mentioned.

    Discovering this purposeful mode is the direction that I’ve set for every consultation with a patron who will experience acquiring an artwork from me.

  3. Bring retail sales opportunity to commercial patrons when they choose a licensing agreement for printing a commissioned artwork.
  4. Special event invitations, posters, or other memorabilia can be produced with a non-retail licensing agreement on a commissioned artwork at any time.
  5. Have a great story to share for magazine coverage about sourcing meaningful and beautiful artwork for your patron.
  6. Harmonize beautifully within a design aesthetic by commissioning art aligned with the vision.
  7. Stay in the top priority when reserving my time for artwork creation.
  8. Get recommended and introduced to my new and repeat patrons when you become an active part of my referral network.
  9. Find the best trade pricing on my limited edition prints, and get volume discounts per printed artwork for larger assignments.
  10. Stay in the know with the interior designer's exclusive email subscription, plus get invitations to studio tours, events and exhibits in your area.

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My Background

Juliette Cove is an award winning American contemporary artist who creates from her own inspiration and for V.I.P. patrons requesting commissioned art. “My art functions to inspire the value of love, relationships, community, peacefulness, and joys in life. I want to encourage viewers to resonate and incline toward what brings happiness and fulfillment. If I can give someone a beacon of positivity and love to brighten up their world, this is my way.” She is most known for unusual abstract works that come from meditation and her paintings symbolizing romance and love.

Born September 7th 1972 in New Orleans, Juliette began painting and drawing in her childhood years, grew to explore abstract art in her twenties, and studied painting and illustration with a variety of institutions. These include University of New Orleans, School of Visual Arts in New York, and California College of the Arts in San Francisco. She also briefly studied interior design with Delgado Community College of New Orleans and held a place on the dean’s list. Juliette has volunteered with the Guggenheim Museum in New York and with ArtSpan in San Francisco as an avid supporter of arts in community.

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