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There Are Many Reasons to Commission Custom Art

Custom Art to Celebrate a Relationship

A diamond is forever, and so is art. Illuminate the beauty of your relationship and be inspired every day with your love story art commission. Custom romance art is a wonderful wedding gift, anniversary gift, or Valentines Day gift for those who want to remember why their hearts beat for one another so strongly. Keep the love warm with a beautiful custom art piece.

Video Transcript: Your Love Story Custom Art Commission by Juliette Cove

Congratulations on having someone wonderful in your life. It is beautiful that you take opportunity to express how much your love partner truly means to you. Communicating and extending your feeling is important as responding from a loving place. Why you love one another, what grounds your hearts, and how valuable this is to each of you helps keep you fused as a couple, and as a family. It helps you grow.

People are meant to be together for a better experience in life. I truly believe that.

I want you to do something. Take a moment to think about what builds the love you share, from your perspective. What is magnetic between the two of you? What makes you feel incredible, and what do you want to feel every day? Ask your love partner to do the same.  You can write it down, but you need to share your love story with your partner. Even if you think he or she already knows what you will say, take a minute and extend it into the present moment.

A couple days later,  do it again. Then do it a third time.

The thoughts you share may reveal different values each day, though repetition is absolutely fine. Let surface in your heart what really moves you to reach toward the person you love. Genuinely explore the answers to these questions. If you find repetition, then there is emphasis.

Tell your partner your love story from your perspective and listen to your partners love story from their perspective. … How do you feel now after doing this a few days? Does it feel good to have a love story to share? It should!

The love story is one part of understanding I gather to create art to celebrate and support your relationship.

Next,  look around the home you share, or intend to share, for every day objects that bring your relationship to mind. How often do you notice them when you are together and when you are apart? Now pause to revisit your love story.

If you are married, and you have dishes or a lamp from your wedding registry, or the clothes you wore for a day buried in a closet, or a beautiful photograph of the two of you smiling, or a ring on your finger, what is the story behind each of them?

Listen to your words. I want you to be specific.

I get similar responses often for this question. The dishes and lamp hold the least sentiment, though you need them to eat and see at night. The beautiful clothes you wore once could be part of a great family tradition one day. The photograph will keep you connected to an incredible moment in time. And, the ring will remind you of the strength in choices and promises you made with one another. …Do these things tell you WHY you love one another and what is so magnificent about your relationship on a whole?

Now revisit that love story you both put together once more.

What I don’t want is to hear you and your love partner caught up in life and battling an emotional fade. It’s too common, and in most cases wonderful relationships suffer unnecessarily.

Don’t waste time in hurt. It easier and more rewarding to keep your love boat sailing in a good direction than it is to reset course.  You can make it past the bumps in the road. I know that. But, you don’t need the wondering how point A became point Z while losing sight of what really navigates bliss.

Imagine you get into an argument or you hurt one another’s feelings when you did not expect it. You walk away past the dishes, past the lamp, past the clothes in the closet, past your photo, and you go into the bathroom to splash water on your face and see your ring. What do you need at the moment?

Now instead, imagine after the argument you reach for the love story you surfaced together that illuminates WHY each of you love one another and describes magnificence from both of your perspectives. Do you now have information on how to correct those hurt feelings in a way that not only releases them, but can reset course?

Translating the “why” from your love story into an artwork brings the instant awareness of visual language. It’s the same reason it is used in traffic signs. Instant awareness is effortless, unlike searching for a piece of paper to read. Constant exposure to why you became a couple, what keeps you together and in love, and what makes you feel butterflies in you stomach is a very valuable trigger for daily life.

Would it help to walk in front of your painted love story every day, rain or shine? Your love partner gets constant exposure to instant awareness also. If you have kids, or you plan to have them, imagine how your kids will feel being around you. I promise they will learn something about love.

I want to find the elements of your relationship that really make your hearts gush  for one another and spread them across a canvas so it elevates you every time you pass it. I want you both to nurture the emotions that make your spark together glow strongly enough to light up the room. That’s a true house warming.

Part of surfacing this love story does involve each of you extending to one another. So act upon it! What is an artwork to illuminate the beauty of your relationship worth to you?

If you happen to be an active art collector with twenty other paintings in your house and decided to resell artwork, your relationship painting will remain. It is art which meets your real value, representing what you cherish.

Whenever, I mention to couples who invested in commissioning their relationship art piece about the reselling or trading assistance in my art collector’s club, they look at me like I’m out of my mind and clinch closer to the artwork. These permanent collection pieces are keepers, and make wonderful family heirlooms. They will be around longer than most of your furniture, or other art you acquire.

I could create any symbol of love partnership for you to enjoy. I could paint Venus. Those are great artworks and I could be happy in a tomb of them. But honestly, general romance art is for inspiration to get where you are. If you acquired one of my romance paintings, and now you have a love of your own, then congratulations on manifesting. Though shouldn’t you have your very own specific inspiration on the wall that tells your own love story?  You’re worthy, so is your partner. And, what a wonderful thing to lend to art history!

I am always wishing everyone the best in their relationships. They are sacred! Which is why I offer this type of commissioned art.

Already I know you are a gem of a human being and have it in you to keep the love warm through the years. If you are invested in your relationship, there is a link to a scheduler on my website you can use to reserve a time to converse about a love story commission. If you know me, then you know I consider providing art to be a very personal service, so there is no instant way to make a deposit or purchase a commission package online.

On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you about taking home a personal artwork of your love story and experiencing it in your daily life? What do you think this will do for you?

If this is something you want, then we should discuss the possibilities of your commissioned art. Believe me, I did not have millions when I started collecting art and I managed to acquire pieces I thought I could’t buy. I did so because someone helped me correctly and made it possible.

If you place a commissioned painting on your wedding registry and have multiple people contribute to this group gift, I will personally send beautiful thank you cards with an image of the artwork printed on the front to each person supporting your love story as part of the benefits package.

It is said a diamond is forever, and so is art.

Both jewelry and art are investments that gain value. It is so. Just look at Elizabeth Taylor’s auction records. And, good things do come in small packages. If you’ve ever been to Musee du Louvre in Paris then you know of the crowd packed around the Mona Lisa. It is not large in comparison to the other artworks in the room. Though if you want to invest in a love painting larger then life, I can do that too. A commission consultation is how to begin.

Love is an action you take. So be loving! And be helpful to your love.

Custom Art For Events

From community festivities to private galas, custom art for an event serves a number of uses.

  • Keep the original, auction it, or sell raffle tickets to raise funds.
  • License signed limited edition prints to sell or for attendee gifts and goodie bags.
  • Order invitations with the custom event art printed on each one.
  • Use the image in online ads and social media event pages.

Custom Art To Commemorate a New Home

Discover what art content will make a beautiful house warming for you, painted to compliment your decor and location. Get art that is an inspiration to your lifestyle and love.


Custom Public Art


Planned Art Available For Commission

Commission artwork planned for the current year and get it before silent art auction for the reserve price. Once an artwork is in progress and the size and duration is determined, an estimate of a reserve price can be made. If you commission artwork before painting begins, you are welcome to request a specific size within a range. Below you will find information on the available options.

Commission the large painting of "grow home Love" by Juliette Cove
Commission artwork by Juliette Cove for events, a new home, to tell a story, or to bring inspiration to a place.
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