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Painting "Across Time" : The 3-part Series
  1. The Visionary Meditation Sequence 
  2. Meditation Into Reality (To be published.)
  3. Translating Experience Into Art (To be published.)

Entering a Practice of Meditation

Visionary meditation found me lingering as a burned-out designer in a volatile technology conglomerate of biting geese with bait-and-switch standards, a common scenario of neo San Francisco. The three-year contract bounded sought income, though my life required a nurturing, meaningful existence.

Numerous months, for half-hour sessions three times daily, I participated in live meditation broadcasts with The Law of Attraction Centre. An abundance of landscapes constructed my entry into visioning as I sought to discern a stage for creative thriving and joy. Fascinated by this realm, I visited the Celebrate Life Spiritualist Community to gain and share possibilities of self-revelation. This new incline toward inspiration, enthusiasm, and appreciation transuded my thoughts.

A week before scheduled surgery addressing painful decade-old lumps on my arm and other health concerns, I was introduced to John Assaraf’s neuroscience program and invested in mindset coaching. Without surprise, my tech monster promised a paid week of leave with a two-month contract, then fired me while in surgery for no stated reason and requested free work. Recovering beyond stitches, within a month I solidified a meditation habit. I perceived no return to a corporate bubble in need of a pin.

When Mindful Practice Became Visionary Meditation

Through the passage of planetary landscape imagery, a shirtless spirit guide with dark long wavy hair and deeply toned skin donned in natural jewelry greeted me. He brought me to gaze over a watery view mirroring moonlight from a classical Greek terrace (a painting to come). Returning to this visionary meditation dock, I began voyaging. My request was to see the desired live-work artist environment I craved. I gained clarity of size, textures, elements, window views, smells and sounds of this space.

A roomy kitchen area with a European dining nook against warm bay windows became my first observation of home. I could see myself and another person sitting there while closing a discussion of business. The second visit to this mind space placed me in the art studio. It was perfectly light filled with a long stretch of windows extending across a water view wall with ample space to dance and paint, meditate or do yoga, and host twilight soirées for art collectors and enthusiasts. I found it odd to notice a piano where all seemed to end fuzzily since the instrument was not in my repertoire of skills.

Chasing A Visioned Art Studio

Exiting visionary meditation, I was energized with clarity and excited for this inspiration toward a future. On the map, I desired to find my artist’s dream playground. Dare say, my first outing was to seek location in Sausalito though I questioned the temperature. Besides, visiting Bubble Street Gallery sat on my to-do list over a year. Pursuing chance, I drove curiously peering through hills and strolled down Bridgeway relishing the relaxed tourist vibe.

Sausalito real estate sat outside my current financial grasp and I'm sure “mild sandy shoreline” resonated desire on my lips. Pausing for gallery time, I became absorbed by Daniel Merriam’s art so much I barely conversed with the artist who stepped behind the gallery desk while his lovely wife and business partner paused. Rudeness was not my intention, though I was distracted by an intense feeling of waiting for something to happen in a very specific spot I could stomp two feet upon. Curious, I held time open for an arrival though nothing happened in this hour of viewing art.

A New Face In Visionary Meditation

Next visionary meditation, I insisted upon deeper travel into sight but did not find my dream studio. This time, in vacant dark space, I met a passionate tall gent with textural light toned hair. His presence startled me and something was connecting to the name Daniel Merriam. Baffled and knowing of the approaching holiday gallery reception, I subscribed to the email list and sent R.S.V.P.

Once more, I visited Sausalito. I strolled the main street tuning in and observing, then enjoyed the sky while laying on a fountain wall. Anticipation of something persisted, though surely it was not the tourists photographing me. Again, I visited Bubble Street Gallery and got a strong feeling where I placed my feet. I stood gazing into a wall sized print, waiting, stalling. Nothing happened and I went home. When the party came around, nothing also happened.

Thwarted by the missing point, I disconnected from meditation temporarily and mostly because of a blind decision to start an art & jewelry business within the first quarter of 2015. When I resumed practice in the live meditation broadcast, the gentleman from the previous vision appeared. In the doorway of a small studio graced in warm wood accents, the tall gent rushed toward me and kissed me like he missed me. I stood startled!

Who's Vision Is It Anyway?

A week later playing John Assaraf’s meditations back to back, I mind traveled to a gray-blue house with white architectural accents. Inquisitive, I expected to visit my dream studio overlooking water and was unsure if I was seeing another side of the building or a completely different place. “Who parked their blue car in the driveway of my meditation?!?” The nerve! I approached the house and entered a front room, much smaller than my visioned studio.

Outside the front window cornering the room, tree leaves glistened a majickal etherial light so enchanting and surreal. I gasped, startled in awareness of the same gent lounging a welcoming smile on a sofa to my left. A lovely writing desk appeared in front of me, and I inquired if any of this was mine. Where was I? Why was I here?

The warm sun and glistening tree drew me through the window in awe. Reaching forward, I felt breeze and leaves tumble across my fingers with zero distinction between visionary meditation and physical reality. From first-person vision, I gasped my eyes open through the bright light. I meditated frequently, though did not see this person or place again … until a year later, when beyond my belief, the glimpses began reflecting in reality.

CONTINUE TO PART 2:  Meditation Into Reality (To be published.)

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